Monday, February 22, 2010

Measured Success @ Iron Painter

What I mean by "measured" is that I didn't make it- not even close! However, I did run the event, and folks really seemed to enjoy themselves. I'll tick that box and be happy about it. I was definitely pleased with how it went as an event.

Even though I only got a few Flesh Tearers done, I did work out some paints and methods that I'm going to proceed forward with. That's valuable information!

First off, I've definitely, 100% decided to stick with the Mechrite Red scheme. It looks just fine for me built up over black with a Baal Red wash. I waffled a bit about it earlier, but after painting it a few times I'm happy with it.

I'm happy with the bases as well. I glued on a piece or two of the GF9 heavy basing grit, with fine sand on the rest of the base. Over a black primer undercoat, I paint the base Bestial Brown, with a fairly heavy drybrush of Bleached Bone, and then a fine drybrush of white. Paint the rocks Codex Grey, Badab Black wash, and then a Fortress Grey light drybrush. Final touch is to glue on some dead grass flock, again from GF9. Looks like a nice desert scene to me...

As I mentioned before, the left shoulder pads are the old Flesh Tearer ones I've held on to for years. For the right pad, I've painted one blood drop. The Flesh Tearers are down to roughly 400 marines, leaving them enough for 4 battle companies with no veteran company or reserve companies. I figure one blood drop should be good heraldry for the First Company, so there you have it.

For flesh I tried a couple different things, and I've settled on the scheme you see at the beginning of this post. It's a Dark Flesh undercoat, highlighted with 50/50 Dark Flesh/Tallarn Flesh, and then a final highlight of pure Tallarn.

I started on a Vanguard miniature as well, which is not pictured. I made some good progress on it. Once I get it done I'll post it of course. I've decided that veterans in the Flesh Tearers will have bone colored helmets, with all other paint colors remaining the same as one of their lesser experienced brethren. I'm sure this will contradict what the new codex will show, but oh well. I want to paint them now, and I think it looks cool!

Now, I need to take a two week hiatus from the Flesh Tearers and get my Kindred force done. Stay tuned!


  1. I really liked how you did your Flesh Tearers, they are very nicely done, especially the skin and the free hand. Awesome job man!

  2. that vanguard squad will look awesome! but yes, onto to kindred! congrats on running yet another great event!

  3. Ooooo..... Awesome job love love love the chainaxe really really violent.

    Sorry for disappearing. Between my Phd and my commission work and gambling during this CNY period i had to sacrifice something :(

    But 'I'll be back...' probably next sat only this sat got another poker session setup :P

    And i'll bring my s#it and really sit down and get to the weathering. :) As promised.

  4. @Jinn- Thanks dude. When you come back I also want to talk to you about a table project I think you might be able to help with... :)