Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baal Red is Da Cure, Yo

I got a Maelstrom package in the mail yesterday, with four different shades of Vallejo red. I tried them all on test minis, and at the end of the night, the simplest solution was the best. I simply brushed on a layer of Baal Red wash over the Mechrite Red basecoat/Blood Red highlights. The red is richer, the highlights are toned down a bit, and I'm happy with the results.

I also replaced the right shoulder pad with a basic one, painted with the single blood drop of 1st Company. It looks nice, and the miniature now looks like a line Flesh Tearer that I'd be happy to push across the gaming table.

So, the testing phase is over, and now it's time for production. I won't be doing much over the next few days, as we have our big tournament "The Inquisition Wars" coming up this Saturday. I still have a to finish up a couple more tables, and I also need to complete some paperwork/organization stuff for the tourney. However, once this beast is behind me, it's Flesh Tearers all the way!


  1. I lurv them washes ... this should be good

  2. I was really surprised, actually. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I like the result, and I'm runnin' with it. If I'm not too beat this evening I'm going to have a go at my Chaplain...