Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sons of Horus Mk IIB Land Raider WIP

As cool as this thing should look when I'm all done with it, this thing is a real pain in the balls. The resin parts are comically ill fitting, requiring a great deal of bending, shaping, and general fussing about. As you can see from the pic above, the front resin hull part fits so badly that I had to make a plasticard shim just to get everything to butt up nicely and not have unsightly gaps. I've also got to make some ornamental rails to run along the edges of the upper assault ramp to hide the gap on the left. Ugh.

The resin sponson doors that came with the kit were the "Imperial Eagle" version rather than the plain ones I thought I had ordered. So, those had to go and get replaced with plastic doors from a Rhino kit. Both the resin and plastic doors are way too big for the sponson, so I had to do quite a bit of cutting and sanding to get the doors to fit properly. Still, after all the effort the assembly stuff is near completion.

With any luck we'll get this thing painted by the end of this weekend, and that will give me another week before the Heavy Support throwdown that I can use to play catchup with Legionaries I should've finished a couple months ago... :)


  1. WHOA!!!
    Hope you take the good guy's side when we go to war later.

  2. Wow, didn't expect so much problems from such a premium priced model. I'll be learning from you here. Mine is still in nice plastic wrapper. But I'm 100% sure your Raider us going to turn out awesome!

  3. Ouch ... sounds like it was a lot of work and hassle and hair pulling involved. Looks good so far though.

  4. " ... comically ill fitting, requiring a great deal of bending, shaping, and general fussing about... " A common sentiment for a premium range of products that cost so much money and required so much attention.

    One has to wonder what kept them from improving, are their bureaucratic red tape as thick as Imperium's?

  5. Ouch....i feel for you homes. Especially since it's suppossed to be a high end expensive really nice forgeworld resin kit ;)

    You should send some pics to FW and get them to send you a new cast :)

  6. I felt your pain, experienced that when assembling my Achilles. And FW won't send you a new cast unless it's a major miscast.

    Looking forward to see it beautifully painted by you.

  7. Thanks guys. It's just about done at this point, so may as well finish it. It'll look cool methinks