Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sons of Horus Jetbike DONE

Well, the first one's all done. I'm pretty happy with it, and it shouldn't be too agonizing to get another four done in time for this Friday's Fast Attack Throwdown at Legio Malaysia. The model went together without too much trouble, though the pilot took a little maneuvering to get him in place.

Like the rest of the army, I kept the markings pretty sparse with a 'XVI' Legion number on the back left and an Eye of Horus on the front right. Decals went on without much trouble. I carefully ground off the Imperial Eagle normally on the prow- can't have those pro-Imperial images now can we...?

Having had some bad experiences in the past with the usual GW flying stand breaking too easily I made my own bases for these. I cut MDF circles matching the diameter of the flying base, and used brass tubing for the stand itself to ensure durability. Like everything else with a base, I used cork, Sculpey, and play sand.

Here's a few more pics I took- thanks for checking it out!


  1. Nicely done homes!! That jetbike looks sweet!!

  2. That looks sweet! Not to mention mean! Nose-mounted heavy bolter! ouch. We need have my Eldar xenos take on your mon-keighs soon