Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sons of Horus Sergeant

Well, I am seriously behind schedule, but nonetheless I'm pleased with how this sergeant came out. The final "Horus Green" I've settled on is a 2:1 ratio of VMC Pale Greyblue to VMC Gunship Green. This is painted over a basecoat of pure Gunship Green, and edge highlighted with white.

The base is made from cork and baked Sculpey that I made into a tile pattern. I'll post up how I did that later this week. The theme I'm going for is the shattered ruins of the Precentor's Palace on Istvaan III.

I've got a lot of work to go if I'm going to make the first throwdown challenge this Friday- back to work! :)


  1. I think this is some of your best work yet! And that power sword is fantastic! Excellent work! This year I plan to start my loyalist Emperor's Children ;)

    Oh, and I found a shirt that should give you a laugh from back in our day of feasting and merriment!

    1. Dude that shirt is awesome! I still crack out 'Cocainum!' quite often. It's appropriate for many typical life situations.

      Thanks for the kind feedback.

  2. This is going to be a real nice looking army. I think your painting has gone up a ouple of notches. Maybe inspired by the awesome models perhaps? Doesn't matter if you make the whole squad by Friday. Just bring em for us to ogle :) ... and that Valhallan grenade launcher dude will be there too

  3. Looking great mate! The trim offsets that minty green well, and as Brien said, the power sword looks cool! One day our HH forces will have to fight it out.


  4. Very nicely done dude. The green looks cool, red horus eye pops out immediately. And your base is done to perfection. layer of tiles on top of concrete....hensem gilerrr!!!
    Well done sir.

  5. Hey thanks for the awesome comments guys! I'm excited about this project, and the Legio Throwdown is really going to help motivate me to FINISH!!

  6. Definitely a perfectly painted bad ass sword!