Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sons of Horus Scheme

The model is primed black, airbrushed with VMC Gunship Green, and then painted with a 10:1 mix of VMC Pale Greyblue to Gunship Green. I painted a hard edge highlight of pure Pale Greyblue, but I think future models I'll go with straight white for more pop. I'll also be using FW Sons of Horus pads, which this guy doesn't have.

The base is not the final one I'm going to use, but it was close enough at the time. I'll make a later post detailing how I'm making bases for them. In the meantime, thanks for checking this out!


  1. Lookin forward to see more coming =) Is this model finished? If yes you might want to consider paint up the stud to add depth to details.

    Boy, all these MKII armor really looks damn cool and brutal! Saw Alvin painting some last sunday and I'm drooling all over

  2. LOL yes it's finished- thanks for the criticism. Every stud has been highlighted, but as I mentioned in the post I'll be going to pure white to get them to pop more.

  3. Isn't this the Lunar Wolves scheme? I thought the Sons of Horus was a much darker green. Although I could be wrong, my HH book is upstairs ; )


    PS. Looking good buddy.

    1. According to the book the Luna Wolves were white, and the Sons of Horus minty green that got darker as the heresy went on. I kept it light so I could do them either way. That and, I like mints. MMMmmmm.... minty green.....

  4. Very nice hue of green methinks. And the base looks really nice too. We need a close up of it. Is that a bolter casing embedded in the floor?
    Cool work bro. Looking forward to more :)

  5. The colour is somehow refreshing to the eye, and it makes the model pop. But the base really caught my eye. Really nice sculpt you got there.