Monday, October 22, 2012

Iron Warriors and Penal Legion Test

For the first time in quite a long while, a new codex has really gotten my hobby juices perkyelatin! I think the new Chaos Space Marine codex is fantastic, and I decided to try doing a quick Iron Warrior test for a possible new army. Back when I was living in New Hampshire and gaming at the Game Castle on a regular basis, I had a complete Iron Warriors army that I played quite a few games with. I've since gotten rid of the army, but I think I'll do up a " Mk II " version with all new models and groovy cork/lava bases.

I also painted up a "Penal Legion" test for my possible Iron Painter entry. It's mostly done with airbrushing, and I think I'm on the right track. Could make a cool supplement to my Krieg army as prisoners pushed out in front of guns...

I realize the orange fatigues might be more in keeping with a Department of Corrections type modern day outfit, but hey, it's evocative of a prisoner nonetheless. I do realize this isn't fully highlighted and shaded, but it's a promising start nonetheless....

Regardless, comments and criticisms are most welcome.


  1. Love the effect on the horns and also the yellow portion of the hazard stripe, this is so cool!

  2. Agreed. The brown effect on the chevron pads looks really nice. Now we need to see more :)
    Iron within Iron without!!!

  3. The Iron Warrior is looking awesome, I love the chevrons!

  4. Perturabo himself would have been proud of your Iron Warrior. Way to go! ^^

  5. Your iron warriors look awesome. Please take IG allies just to field a mortar squad and a Basilisk, to complement your Vindicators and Defiler ... this should be good!

  6. Many thanks for the great feedback guys- esp. the allies suggestion. I'm thinking either Basilisk, Bombard, or maybe a Medusa. All seem to work well.