Tuesday, July 24, 2012

German EW Panzerschutzen Company Progress

It's not a whole lot of progress, but progress is progress folks. I'll take it!

Been fiddling around with the paint job, and for this army I've found the happy medium between speed vs. quality. I'll leave you tonight with more pics, and with any luck lots more over the coming weeks...


  1. I like it dude!
    By the way, if I'm not mistaken, the tank colour scheme for early war is grey with brown camo. However, please correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. That is really nice! inspiring actually. My lichte panzer boys really welcome the panzerschutzen.

    Vuel, a lot if not most of the German early war armor was painted solid grey. Some were painted in grey + brown camo as featured in the FoW books

  3. They look great!

    Did you use a guide?

  4. @Vuel- Most German units were straight grey by the invasion of France. Two and three color camo for early war is mostly confined to pre-war and Poland.

    @Azlan- Thanks dude! I'm going to try and get these guys pumped out by late August.

    @Ben- For the infantry I'm using (for the most part) the Battlefront recommended palette from Blitzkrieg. For vehicles I'm kinda doing my own thing- the base color is 50/50 London Grey/German Grey, as I think German Grey would be too dark at this scale.

    1. vielen danke mein freund ;)

      point taken, straight grey it is then.

    2. a London Grey/German Grey 50/50 mix, interesting. I'll have to give that a go on my Early war Germans when I get around to them.

      Thanks for the tip.

  5. Those look great man. Going for a slighty lighter grey for the halftrack really works at this scale. Decals look like they were painted on :)

    I'm with Azlan on the germans being all grey for early war. Don't see much camo in euro theatre until towards late mid and end when the germans didn't have air superiority.