Wednesday, July 4, 2012

About... FACE!

Well, at lunch today Khairul and I were doing some campaign planning, and we noticed that we had 6 confirmed Allied players, and only three confirmed German ones. So, we both decided to just over to the dark side and paint up German lists. He's going for the Luftlandesturmkompanie from Burning Empires; that is going to be AWESOME to see 10+ gliders on the table.

As for me, I'll be doing a Panzerschutzenkompanie, with three full platoons riding in style (see above) and all their assorted backup. I never thought two StuG A assault guns could be so scary (or expensive) in an army list!

I got my Company HQ assembled and puttied up tonight, so tomorrow after work I'll have a go at painting them. Pics tomorrow one way or another... I promise!


  1. So no more French, eh? Looking forward to ze Germans!

  2. My admittedly insane plane is the spend this month painting me German list, and then paint up the French as planned in August. That way I can play either side... :O

  3. Looking forward to seeing your german test models man. Your french test looks nice so you really need to do them once you get done with the panzerschutzen ;)

    Am so looking forward to this campaign!!!

  4. 3 platoons of panzerschutzen should look really awesome! and them StuGs are the best armor Germans got too.

  5. Wow...glad to hear from you at last....
    I guess it has been a busy month for you , bro. Waiting to hear more about your 'plane'...I mean 'plan'.

  6. Thanks guys I appreciate it. I've been a lazy blogger, but hopefully over the next few months that will change :)