Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I FINALLY Sorted the Video Editing Problem

Apparently A LOT of Sony Vegas users have similar problems with "low memory" errors, and I was no different. Fortunately, I found a video tutorial that showed how to change the registry of Vegas to make it fully utilize ALL of the RAM my computer has. As soon as I did, the low memory errors stopped and I had no problem editing and rendering a very late Turn 3. Assuming all goes well, I'm going to put in hobby overtime this week and try to get Turns 4 and 5 done by Friday. Thanks for being patient campaign players! :)


  1. yet again great work. Cant wait for more!

  2. By far the best video on the campaign to date. =) Looks like a lot of good battles were being fought in this round.

  3. Good that u managed to get rid of the glitch man.

    An another super video production!!!
    Can't wait to see turn 4 :)

  4. Many thanks guys- much appreciated. Glad to be getting them sorted out