Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Damn You Space Marine!

It's been a LONG time since I've lost so much hobby time to video games. Deus Ex and Space Marine absolutely killed my Krieg progress over the last couple of weeks. Argh!

The good news is that I've basically played my fill of these for the time being, and FINALLY got back into the hobby room to stay for continued Krieg progress. Tonight I primed black 5 troopers, and sprayed their coats with the customary Vallejo Model Air Primer Grey. Good times.

While this endeavor isn't worth posting a pic, something I stumbled across today is. From the Warseer forums, a thread by the Australian hobbyist 'Sheep' prominently features a Death Korps army he's made a lot of progress with. He came up with a fantastic mortar team conversion doubtless inspired by the German Nebelwerfer from WWII. It's a fantastic conversion, and the autumn SS camo he's using looks great as well. Check this out:

I think this is some innovative and sexy hobby. If you'd like to see more, check out his massive Warseer thread. He's got some serious chops.

Well, I'm back on the wagon and have cast aside the devilish influence of video games! Let there be hobby!!


  1. Ahhhhh, another fellow victim of Space Marine (the game)... warning, ++DO NOT++ start the multiplayer.. I repeat, ++DO NOT++ start the multiplayer... XD

  2. Too late! I've gotten to 26th level or so, and have called it quits for now. Too much fun for my own good!!

  3. My main worry abt getting an xbox dude :)

    Esp a game with 40k theme....come on...who can resist being a space marine :)!!!!

  4. Is the game good? Multiplayer ok? I am saving up to get the PC version.