Tuesday, April 26, 2011

M48 Patton Done!

This is the final result of the latest Vietnam tutorial video I'm working on- the 1/100 scale M48 Patton. This time around I opted to "dirty up" the tank with my airbrush instead of using dry pigments, and I'm really pleased with the result. I also did some minor conversion work that turned out like I hoped with the "Playboy" searchlight dust cover.

You can see here that I sculpted green stuff over the searchlight in order to make it covered. It's a simple conversion I know, but I'm nonetheless stoked that it doesn't look too clumsy or out of place with the final result.

Tomorrow night I'll edit and publish the video, and then it's back on to my Flesh Tearers. Now, it's time for sleep...


  1. dude, that is sweet! it's probably your best 15mm tank to date. well done!

  2. Wow....nice work man!!

    Can't wait to see the vid and find out how u use yr airbrush to weather the tank.

    Great result!!!