Thursday, January 13, 2011

Test Model Progress

I'm trying to paint this model with no airbrush, no pigments, and no materials (other than paint and brushes of course) that are not found in the Open Fire box. I had hoped that it would look sexy enough with just the dark yellow undercoat, but methinks this StuG doesn't pop enough. I'll entertain thoughts on this, but keep in mind the StuG...

A) Has to look good
B) Cannot require difficult to master painting methods

No small task, but nonetheless necessary if this video is going to serve as an introductory primer to the Flames of War hobby.



  1. From the Utility Paint Set from Battlefront Miniatures, hit it with some Vallejo Black Shade or Brown Shade in the recesses?

  2. That's not a bad idea- mebbe a gloss varnish and then use the black shade as a pin wash...

    I think I'm going to go ahead and put Heer crosses on it as well, as an "optional" step.

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  4. The gloss varnish prior would be an awesome touch. You could even explain to the rookies what a pin wash is and salute the gods of metal while you do it ;) Have Crom laugh at them while your at it!

  5. awesome ... been awhile since someone did something nice for rookies

  6. What's the best place to get FOW stuff in KL (or any one of its satellites)? I understand that Comics Mart at Midvalley might be the easiest to reach, but what's the variety of their stocks like?

  7. Comics Mart has a basic range of stuff, but not really a whole lot. Wolf's Game Shop has a bit as well (I think). Toybox is supposed to have a good stock, but checking their site out I don't see anything listed there about it. You might want to get in touch directly with them:

    Barring that, you can always order from NZ mail order and they'll send it right to you.