Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting Next FoW Video Project

Well, after finishing up some work tonight, I did a little cleaning up around the hobby room and decided on my next Flames of War video project. I'm going to do an introductory "painting primer" for those new to painting Flames of War tanks, featuring the Shermans and StuGs that we include in our "Open Fire" starter set. No airbrush, no pigments, and nothing else that a budding Flames of War hobbyist might not have kicking around the house. Just some clean, simple paint jobs that can be done quickly, with an introduction into simple weathering and detailing. Tomorrow night I'll shoot the StuG and maybe even the Sherman as well.

I've also got a 40K project for the upcoming "Kindred" tournament that I'm itching to start, but I'm still waiting on models and bits to show up. Hurry up postman...!


  1. Awesome bro! I look forward to the next one. BTW - have you thought about submitting your blog to the new FoW Blog Webring?

  2. I thought about it, but the content on my blog is not exclusively FoW. There's quite a bit of 40K and other content as well...

  3. Doesn't matter mein Freund! You are an excellent hobby resource. I mean it doesn't get too much higher on the totem pole than the man behind the official Flames of War YouTube channel! And the secret to your official job is still safe with me ;) Well from the hobby community that is.

  4. Wow, you're really rocking this new year. Can't wait to see your 2nd video.

    Just out of curiosity, how do u normally let your paints cure after airbrushing them? Do u use ever use a hair dryer to make them cure faster?

    Thanks man. U're an inspiration :)