Monday, August 30, 2010

HRR 1, Day 1

Days Remaining: 31

Models Remaining: 67

Here we go again!

Here's the first Hobby Rush Report (HRR) I'm making for my Flames of War 1750 point French Infantry Company. I've given myself between now and midnight September 30th to finish this army. I'm two for two in previous hobby rushes, so I'm going to do my damnedest to keep my record unblemished! ;)

White boxes represent models/stands that haven't been built yet. Yellow is built, blue is painting progress, and green shows a completely finished stand/model. So, as you can see from the chart above, I've only finished one model thus far.

I didn't get a whole lot done tonight- just some gap filling putty work. Tomorrow I plan on getting some more painting done, so we'll see how that goes.

Anyone else starting some new hobby projects? Tell me all about it! Let's get some models DONE...


  1. Each box is an infantry stand, yes? Looks like I'm committed to this now, and as soon as my EW German models arrive, the AirCav project shall be on pause - again :)

  2. Yeah each one is a stand, unless it's an armored car or Hotchkiss. A LOT of painting dude...

  3. September 30th eh? You got that in the bag I am sure my man. I have seen you crank out entire armies in one night.

    I got my Leichte Panzerkompanie yesterday, tomorrow my FoW German Grey spray arrives. I have the first 7 tanks in front of me almost built. After I get it all built I will post some constant updates on how I paint and weather those bad boys up! My goal is 2 weeks.

  4. Two weeks? Hoo-eee! That's not a lot of time dude. You using any infantry in your list?

  5. Wow u really are a a hobby monster dude :)!!! Your display cabinet must be looking pretty nice by now or do u have them at the office?

  6. I've only painted one stand of French thus far- hardly enough to fill a cabinet dude! ;)

    I do plan to get a cabinet for my hobby room, and the French will probably dwell there most of the time. How's your Lizardmen coming along?

  7. I should mention that I'm assembling a lance of 2750-era Amaris Dragoons for Battletech. Oh, and a couple more Kurita 'mechs. :)

  8. Two weeks is pretty crazy. Even for me. But I figure why not?! Especially with a 4 day weekend coming up here for me. I am counting it from today as I finally got my first models primed.