Thursday, June 17, 2010

HRR 4, Day 4

Days Remaining: 38

Models Remaining: 47

Huzzah! The first model is done!

No, the brass leaves didn't show up, but I can always add that later easily enough. My first Wraithlord (and Iyanden model for that matter!) is done. Let there be much rejoicing...

Tonight I'm going to work on the first Wraithguard squad's Spiritseer- if I somehow manage to get him done tonight I'll definitely come back and post again. In the meantime, enjoy the admittedly lousy pic of my completed Wraithlord!

Late Addition- Warlock Start

Started painting the first Warlock after I finished the Wraithlord. I like this flame motif- nod of the hat towards the burning shrine of Asuryan and all that! I'll paint these coming off of his sleeve cuffs as well, and then highlight them up nicely. The yellow's not done either. In fact, I've really just started. However, I thought you all might like to see where this model is headed. That's it for me tonight. Tomorrow, it's mass painting of Wraithguard!!


  1. that wraithlord still think it's an exarch :) nice pose ... and congrats on the first iyanden off the line!

  2. Thanks dude- he looks a lot better in person lol. I gotta take another pic of this dude...

  3. nice start to the warlock. that yellow has really got a nice look to it ... praise to the airbrush?

  4. nice job on the wraithlord dude! the warlock is coming out nicely.

  5. Thanks, guys. Praise VGC Gold Yellow and oil washes for that color. The yellow would manually paint on easily enough over a white undercoat, but the airbrush definitely saves time doing it!

  6. The yellow definately works. Can't wait to see it in person. Sometimes pictures don't do justice.

    You entering this for golden kris :)