Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stormraven Sighting?

At last, I finally have internet at home. Huzzah!

I thought I'd post a quick general update, starting with this intriguing image. I got an email from GW this morning touting the awesomeness of the upcoming "Spearhead" book, and there was an image of an armored assault of Ultramarines attached to it. Cool pic, and I couldn't help but notice a strange flyer soaring through the heavens alongside Ultramarine Land Speeders. I cropped this out of the pic, blew it up a bit (sorry for the pixellated image there), and thought I'd show you all. Based on the descriptions of weapons, size, and cargo hauling capacity this seems to fit the bill for the Stormraven skimmer in the upcoming Codex: Blood Angels. Since there's no model being made for it in the immediate future (I'm guessing this will come out for Christmas), I want to take a crack at scratchbuilding one for the upcoming June 40K tourney in Singapore. There have been no pics to date of the Stormraven, and according to those who have seen the BA codex there's no pic of it inside there, either. If that's the case, this could be the first image of it. What do you guys think? Am I wrong? Is this something else in the 40K fluff?

On the modeling front, tonight I'm painting my Flesh Tearers Rhino, as well as assembling Sgt Arabosh with his kick ass Power Fist and Combat Shield. Wed and Thursday evenings I'll paint the last few figs, and Friday should be an early evening of playing the list and getting familiar with it.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the completed Attack Bike, Rhino, and figs I painted during our earlier "Iron Painter". Until then, take it easy. I'll be planning my Stormraven scratch build...


  1. No, it's definitely not a Thunderhawk. The fuselage is too short, there's no battle cannon or turbo laser visible on top, wings are too short and are not braced with the fuselage. Wingtip cannons are also on top, where they are on the underside of Thunderhawk wings.

    If it is a Thunderhawk, it's quite different from the Forgeworld model and previous pics.

  2. But that's an old picture from yeas ago (around 3rd edition?). The guns on the wings look similar to the epic model, and the main gun is hidden because of the angle, though admittedly the underside does look a bit strange. Compare it with the thunderhawks on the cover of 5th ed SM codex.

    Anyway, keep up the good work with the blog! :)

  3. It's from the old Land Raider picture is it?

  4. Yeah, I think it is. Hmmm.... ARGH!

    Oh well.

  5. That's a Thunderhawk, dude. The artwork pre-dates the snew BA codex by A LOT.