Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Only Flesh That Was Torn Was My Own...

Well, with the Gameforge Combat Patrol Tournament officially done and in the books, I thought I'd write up a brief recap of the day's events. I didn't have a camera with me- my friend Iqbal took a bunch and should have them posted soon (if they aren't already).

First off, the store was excellent- without a doubt the best toy soldier shop I've seen in Malaysia. Super friendly staff that made us feel welcome, clean store, well lit, air conditioned, and well stocked are just some of the great things about this place. Frankly, it's a real shame we don't have a store like that here in the Klang Valley someplace.

The event ran smoothly, three rounds of fun combat patrol games that saw my Flesh Tearers get thoroughly whipped each time. Oh well. Better luck next time... Strangely, the tournament resulted in a tie and they decided to have the top two players play another game to determine the overall winner. I've never seen that done before, as usually the tournaments I've played in have appearance and/or sportsmanship scores to fall back on as tie breakers. However, they decided to not use them for simplicity's sake.

I had a great time, and even enjoyed the trip to and from Penang. We avoided cannibals, encountered a sect of venerable druids, and even enjoyed the local flavor of Penang over lunch (KFC). When Gameforge decides to run another event, I will definitely see if I can make it! :)


  1. Man, at least you guys had fun. I will do my best to make it the next tournament to make sure that the Legionnaires get something back!

  2. Thanks for the cannibals heads up. And also for showing us the directions. We'd be lost without you bug guy.

    Those cannibals sure were scary....

  3. sounds like a blast! definitely got to pen it into my calendar the next time round ... with a little bit more lead time/notice :)