Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beastmen Update: Bestigors and Chariot

Well, I'm close to finishing the initial 2000 point Beastmen army. A week from tomorrow will be the final, overall army throwdown, and this painting odyssey will be done. Over the last couple weeks I have finished my Bestigors, as well as my chariot (below) and my Bray-Shaman (no pic yet)

The next army painting challenge will be Legio Army Throwdown III : 40K, with painting starting on Saturday, May 3rd, and the first throwdown (Troops) being held during the Legio Birthday Bash on Saturday, May 31. Official announcements will be coming soon, but you heard it here first, folks.

After much consideration I think I'll be doing my Avenging Sons Space Marines for this one. IG is tempting, but with the new codex apparently coming soon-ish it might be better to wait. I guess it depends on when it's coming out.

Thanks for checking these out!


  1. Dude, those are tight! Great job. This is going to be a great looking army

  2. I like the fur and wood grain effects. Nice job! ^_^

  3. Wow.. Those are real nice!

    Legio army Throwdown 40k in May.. hmm.