Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beastlord Done

Got this guy done last night. I tried out a couple of GW's new paints- Nihilakh Oxide and Blood for the Blood God. I think the verdigris and blood stains both turned out well, with little effort. Now off to the next Throwdown's Core unit, with either more Gors or maybe my Warhounds...


  1. That looks really nice dude. Blood on the axes are tight!!

  2. Beastmen is good for a change.
    Any chance for us to see you do a Ghorgon?

  3. Many thanks guys for the kind comments.

    AK, I won't be doing a Ghorgon for the army (at least initially), but I will be painting up a Cygor and a Jabberslythe. The Cygor will be my 'Rare' throwdown in five weeks.

  4. very nice! this is one army to look forward to

    1. Thanks dude- much appreciated! One of these days you need to catch the Warhammer bug!