Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Valhallan Ice Warriors Vendetta Started

Over the last few days I've been puttering away at my first vehicle for the Valhallan Imperial Guard army I've started on. I'm trying out color modulation with my airbrushing, but it's only two colors and is fairly subtle. Still, I'm happy with the overall color scheme and palette. After finishing a sky grey airbrush on the lower surfaces of the aircraft, it's time to paint the surface details, decals, and of course weathering.

More pics coming soon!


  1. Nice color scheme. It's a great adaptation of one of the classic Valhallan color schemes, and the first time I've seen it applied to a Vendetta/Valk. lookin forward to see this done.

  2. Looking good. Cool scheme choice. I dare say your Vendetta will be the most eye catching I've seen so far.