Thursday, June 16, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Engineers Progress

I've managed to get in a few hours of painting over the last couple of days:

Painted gas masks and leggings VGC Extra Opaque Heavy Brown

Painted pants and gloves VGC Charred Brown

Painted belts, pouches, bags, and straps VGC Extra Opaque Heavy Sienna

Painted left shoulder pads Vallejo UK Bronze Green Primer. I did this to connect them with the Bane Wolf as part of the overall Engineering Korps.

Krak grenades and wire spool (pictured above) VGC Scarlett Red

Painted armor, knee pads, and helmets VMC German Grey.

That's it up to this point. I only have a few more areas to cover before doing the washes and a bit of highlighting. After that it's the bases and that will take care of the first five members of the squad. I'm waiting on an order from FW for the remaining five, so if I get these done and they still haven't shown, I'll go ahead and start in on the Engineer's Chimera.

I'll leave you with a couple more pics, showing my Engineer with Flamer conversion. The flamer is from the Elysian weapons pack, and the hose is from Dragonforge Design. Basic, I know, but it does get the job done. With any luck I'll get these guys finished before the weekend is over...


  1. That Krieg troopers looking badass dude! Loving it!!

  2. Nice conversion.

    Is the hose made of bendable material? Coz u got a nice profile there.

  3. Yeah, the hose is made from white metal- follow the link and check out Dragon Forge's stuff...

  4. damn, those look real good! the transport would have to match, I guess. I've seen some of the stuff you modeled for that. awesome

  5. Dayum! I always loved the DkoK Engineers look.

    Feeling the mood to grab some conversion bitz from Dragon Forge.