Monday, May 24, 2010

1st Platoon Started

Normally, I don't do anything on Mondays. I usually just spend the evening chilling out on the couch. However, I've got some great momentum going now, and I'm going to ride it as long as it lasts!

Tonight I cranked out the first set of airbrush steps, and they're starting to become routine!

Tomorrow I'll finish everything up to the oil washes, leaving only a matte varnish and graphite treatment for Wednesday to finish the platoon. Yee hah!


  1. someone's being industrious! and making me look bad too :) ... i'll get back in the saddle when i get back from phuket :)

  2. Well, I don't have a respectable FoW army like you do, so I have to make up some hobby time! I didn't get as far as I would have liked last night, but I'll get the oils done tonight and maybe start on Biermeyer's platoon...

  3. Bro....I think, once you get to the infantry models, you will be stalled. Those are backbreaking to paint, trust me. Again the damn small.

  4. I've had no problem in the past painting infantry. They're easier to paint then Warmaster figs, and I painted two Warmaster armies (High Elves and Tomb Kings). Until recently, tanks were my nemesis! :)